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29 Dec 2023


ALL-TECH provides consulting services with respect to the development and implementation of Legionella Building Water System Management Plans. We also provide water sampling for Legionella Bacteria to validate and assess the effectiveness of the plan.

Panic And Poor Decision Making When Dealing With Legionella Control Increases The Risk Of Exposure To Legionella Bacteria!

The best method to control Legionella in building water systems is to develop a Building Water System Management Plan.  Elements of a Water System Management Plan include (ASHRAE Standard 188):

  1. Program Team: Identify persons responsible for plan development and implementation.
  2. Describe Water System/Flow Diagrams:  Describe the potable and non-potable water systems within the building and on the building site in order to develop water-system schematics.
  3. Analysis of Building Water Systems: Conduct a systematic evaluation of hazardous conditions in the building water system and determine where control measures should be applied.
  4. Monitor/Corrective Actions:  Establish procedures for monitoring whether control measures are operating within established limits and, if not, take corrective actions.
  5. Confirmation:  Establish procedures to confirm the following:
    • Verification – The program is being implemented as designed
    • Validation – The program controls the hazardous conditions throughout the building water system (monitor temperature and conduct water sampling including Legionella Culture samples).
  6. Documentation: Establish documentation and communication procedures for all activities of the program.

(Sample analysis performed by a third party accredited laboratory)

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