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29 Dec 2023

Hazardous Materials

These hazardous building materials are dangerous to you and your staff when they become degraded, disturbed or airborne during maintenance, construction, renovation or demolition. Prior to engaging in any of these activities, it’s your responsibility to identify hazardous materials and plan for their management/abatement.

Hazardous Materials Assessments & Identification
Some of the hazardous materials assessments and identification techniques we offer are:

  • Assessments/surveys/audits
  • Asbestos/Vermiculite
  • PCB/Lead/Mercury/Silica
  • Microbial contamination
  • Management plan development
  • Analytical testing (bulk/air)
  • Accredited laboratory
  • Inspection/Air Monitoring
  • Management of remediation
  • Mould assessments
  • Designing Hazardous Materials Management Programs/Plans
  • Assistance in Selecting Experienced and Qualified Abatement Contractors
  • Designing of Contract Specifications, Tendering, Contractor Walkthroughs and Tender Evaluation

To determine whether any designated substances are present at a project site and provide this information to prospective constructors, contractors and subcontractors as part of the bidding process.

Important Services

  • Hazardous building materials surveys
  • Recommendations on abatement
  • Design of hazardous building materials management programs
  • Help in selecting an experienced & qualified abatement contractor
  • Design of contract specifications, tendering, contractor walkthroughs & tender evaluation
  • Inspection & air monitoring during abatement
  • Education and training

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