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29 Dec 2023


If you are involved in a commercial or industrial real estate transaction, you will need an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) in order to complete the sale agreement. All financial institutions require ESA’s prior to advancing mortgage funds to finance properties.

ESA’s can determine a property’s probability of contamination in order to manage their environmental risks. Conducting an ESA can reassure you and your financial institution that the property you are about to purchase has no past or present environmental liabilities associated with it, such as unknown contaminated soil or leaking Underground Storage Tanks (USTs). ESA’s can also identify the presence of hazardous building materials.

As a property buyer or building owner, you also need to be aware of current waste management and UST regulations. These regulations make it mandatory for you to evaluate and upgrade UST’s, looking at factors like leak detection equipment, corrosion protection and containment systems to control unforeseen spills.

Environmental Services

Some of the environmental techniques and services we offer are:

  • Phase I, II, III site assessments
  • Water sampling (ground, surface, potable)
  • Chemical toxicity/spills
  • Project management
  • Soil contamination/soil sampling/other services
  • Geotechnical Services

Important Services

  • Phase I ESA: includes a historical & background review of the property, coupled with a visual site inspection
  • Phase II ESA: addresses the concerns found in the phase I ESA through sample collection & analysis of suspected hazardous materials or soils & groundwater; phase II ESA also includes recommendations for remediation & mitigation methods
  • Phase III ESA: implementing the recommendations made in the phase II ESA, plans are established to remediate deficiencies to meet current guidelines & regulations
  • Creating a site-specific remediation program to meet regulatory compliance
  • Leak detection & tank integrity testing
  • Site Specific Risk Assessment (SSRA) & regulatory compliance analysis
  • Project management of remediation projects, including site supervision & compliance closure reports

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