Respiratory Protection Training & Fit Testing – Selection, Care and Use – ½ Day Course

Course Info

About This Course

This course will provide the learner with valuable information regarding the selection, care and use of Respirators. The information contained in this course is based on the current CSA standard Z94.4. A Quantitative Fit Test will be conducted for each candidate after training has been completed (candidate to supply respirator.)

Course Duration

This course is based on approximately a three hour delivery time per session.

Course Outline

  • Introduction of Course and Learning Expectations Definitions
  • Standards and Regulations Respiratory Protection Programs Internal Responsibility System Potential Occupational Hazards Types of Respirators
  • Types of Filters Selection of Respirators
  • Cleaning Inspecting, Maintenance & Storage Donning the Respirator
  • Negative and Positive Seal Check Types of Fit Testing
  • Conclusion Quantitative Fit Test

Upon completion of this course each attendee will receive a certificate of completion.