PCB Awareness Outline – ½ Day Course

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PCBs belong to a broad family of man-made organic chemicals known as chlorinated hydrocarbons. They have a range of toxicity and vary in consistency from thin, light-colored liquids to yellow or black waxy solids. Due to their non- flammability, chemical stability, high boiling point, and electrical insulating properties, PCBs were used in hundreds of industrial and commercial applications including electrical, heat transfer, and hydraulic equipment; as plasticizers in paints, plastics, and rubber products; in pigments, dyes, and carbonless copy paper; and many other industrial applications.

The four hour PCB awareness course is designed to assist building owners, abatement personnel and general contractors or trade people who may be handling PCB-containing or PCB-contaminated building materials during planned renovation or repair activities or planned PCB abatement efforts in older buildings.

Topics include common uses and applications of PCBs, health effects, personal protective equipment, abatement strategies, engineering controls and waste disposal.

This course is suitable for building personnel or staff that may need to work on or near PCB-containing equipment and additionally for staff when PCBs are present in a building or workplace.