Mould and Moisture in Buildings Awareness Training – ½ Day Course

Course Info

About This Course

This course is designed for anyone involved with, working around or having the potential to be exposed to mould and moisture damaged materials.

Who should participate? The course is designed for, but not limited to, the following personnel: building owners, operators, architects, engineers, designers, abatement contractors, maintenance staff, trade workers (plumbers, HVAC, electrical), health and safety representatives, consultants, estimators and specification writers.

Course Outline:

Seminar Introduction

Goals of Building Design – Main Causes of Damage of moisture on structures Sources of Moisture in Buildings

  • above grade exterior moisture entering the building
  • below grade ground moisture entering the building
  • leaking plumbing pipes and mechanical equipment
  • interior moisture from household use and climate control systems
  • water used in maintenance and construction materials Three Types of Water in Buildings
    • category 1 – clean water
    • category 2 – gray water
    • category 3 – black water Personnel Protective Equipment / OH&S
  • Moisture Assessment & Moisture Meters Guidelines: Response to Water Damage
  • Mould – What is it? – The Basics Mould Investigations
  • Mould – Health Effects from Exposure
  • Prevention and Control of Microbial Contamination + Long-term Prevention and Cleaning Management
  • Conclusions/ Summary/ Questions