Lockout / Tagout Awareness Training

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About This Course

This course is designed to ensure the safety and protection of employees during equipment repair and maintenance through proper lockout/tagout procedures. Participants will learn about the regulations, types of hazardous energy, potential injuries during servicing, and the application of lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures.

Who Should Attend: Affected Employees: Those who operate or use equipment under maintenance or servicing, or work in areas where such activities occur. Authorized Employees: Individuals responsible for locking out or tagging out equipment during servicing or maintenance.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction
    • Overview of Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)
    • Importance of LOTO procedures for employee safety
    • Legal and regulatory requirements
  2. Regulations
    • OSHA regulations and standards
    • Compliance requirements
  3. Definitions
    • Key terminology related to LOTO
    • Understanding roles and responsibilities
  4. Types of Hazardous Energy
    • Identification of various energy sources
    • Examples of potential hazards
  5. Common Injuries During Servicing
    • Overview of accidents and injuries
    • Case studies and examples
  6. When to Apply LOTO
    • Criteria for applying LOTO procedures
    • Identifying situations requiring LOTO
  7. Energy Isolation Devices
    • Types of isolation devices
    • Selection and proper use
  8. LOTO Basics
    • Components of LOTO procedures
    • Steps for effective lockout/tagout
  9. General LOTO Procedures
    • Detailed instructions for implementing LOTO
    • Group exercises and demonstrations
  10. Special Considerations
    • Unique situations and challenges
    • Procedures for complex equipment or processes
  11. Removal of Lockout/Tagout Devices
    • Safe removal procedures
    • Verification and testing before re-energizing
  12. Review and Assessment
    • Recap of key concepts
    • Quiz or assessment to evaluate understanding
  13. Conclusion
    • Importance of adherence to LOTO procedures
    • Commitment to safety in the workplace