Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) member training – 1 day

Course Info

About This Course

This course is designed for all health care facility “constructors” (i.e. health care facility staff, contractors, designers, etc.).

Who should participate? The course is designed for, but not limited to, the following personnel: building owners, operators, architects, engineers, designers, hazmat removal contractors, maintenance staff, trade workers (plumbers, HVAC, electrical), health and safety representatives, consultants, estimators and specification writers.

Course Outline:

  • Background and theory regarding Infection Control during
    • Risk factors (contamination, infection, susceptibility)
    • Air & water quality
    • Infection prevention and control measures
    • Multi-disciplinary assessment teams and processes
    • Preventative measures (I-IV)
    • Inspection / monitoring processes
    • Mitigation (water, containment & abatement of dust, mould, )
  • Practical application of Infection Control during
    • Break out into working groups (given a scenario, participants must develop an infection control plan)
  • Hands-on / interactive demonstrations of Infection Control


Upon completion of this course each attendee will receive a certificate of completion.