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29 Dec 2023

Ambient Air

Ambient air quality monitoring is conducted to assess the extent of pollution, ensure compliance with governmental legislation, evaluate engineering control options, and provide data for air quality modeling.

There are a number of different methods to measure any given pollutant, varying in complexity, detail and reliability of data. These methods range from simple passive sampling techniques to highly sophisticated remote sensing devices that data log over specific periods of time.

ALL-TECH has extensive experience in the field of Ambient Air Monitoring. As a collective, ALL-TECH, has participated in and provided successful consultation through several various complex projects. ALL-TECH has a vast amount of experience in interpreting and understanding EPA documents, EPA protocols, Criteria, NAPS, design, implementation, oversight, and sampling. ALL-TECH prefers to help our clients first by understanding their remediation project requirements and identifying necessary areas of compliance to all or any Regulatory authority. Our desired result is to help satisfy and exceed the expectations of our clients with a cost effective and timely solution.

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